Founded in the Lodge

Founded in the Lodge


The Official ZZZ’s Arctic Design depicts a scene of people ice fishing, smoking personals, completely unaware of what’s beneath them: a frozen solid mammoth seemingly stuck in time, silver seals swimming to the surface, and a playful pack of penguins progressing through placid arctic waters. There is more to ZZZ’s than what meets the eye. Look closely enough and you will see for yourself how icy this design actually is.

"My name is Steph Eliza and I am a 19 year old artist from Long Island, New York. Though I have developed my skills in new media in recent years, including graphic design and sculpture, I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. I do not stick to one medium. Despite studying mathematics in college, I continue to create and use art as a means of expression. I also love using my art to spark conversation and bring about social change. My art always tells a story. Art will always remain one of the most important aspects of my life."

ZZZ’s Rolling Paper Company would like to thank Steph Eliza for bringing our vision to life. Be sure to check out her art page @seliza.art_



The Official ZZZ’s Desert Design is one of the first two designs to be launched. With the landscape’s vibrant night sky, collection of playfully drawn desert animals, and splash of Hieronymus Bosch influence, this design is destined to be a fan favorite. 
"Hi! My name's Steph Dovale. I'm a Cuban- American visual artist. I became really interested in art at the age of 6 where I would try ballet, sports, music, art, etc. I can say nothing felt more rewarding than the encouragement and praise I would receive for simply expressing myself through art. I haven't stopped creating ever since. I work mainly in acrylics but I do like to delve into other mediums like Photoshop and try my hand at Illustration. Currently, I dedicate my time to altering Pokemon cards and custom paintings."

ZZZ’s Rolling Paper Company would like to thank Steph Dovale for bringing our vision to life. Be sure to check out her art page